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You can help me with the success of the research for wilson disease

Could you look a patient in the eyes and say no?

$330 towards $1,000

Would my old friends and business associates help me with this?

You may not have heard from me or about me in a while. I usually help other people with their fundraisers. It occurred to me that I have over 2500 contacts in my gmail account, plus my own Facebook and Twitter accounts. It is time for me to use them for something important to me. I am asking that you join me in supporting real change in one disease. Let's support a good in the world and make a difference to patients hanging on to hope.

This is the first research of its type for this rare disease. It is fatal if not diagnosed and treated. There is no cure. We broke out two essential pieces of the Patient Registry to fund. It is like taking baby steps. The cost of DNA sequencing of the ATP7B gene and other lab work for two years is $100,000. DNA sequencing for all enrolled in the registry will be performed at Dr. Sihoun Hahn's lab at the Seattle Childrens's Hospital in Seattle, Washington. All other lab tests collected will be tested at The Harrington Lab at the Royal Surrey County NHS Foundation Trust in Guildford, United Kingdom. Using only these laboratories will provide for a consistent collection of data. Too scientific? What you need to know is that this is the first organized global research and I would be so grateful for even the smallest donation. Wilson Disease Association is a 501(c)(3) organization and this research is being coordinated through Yale University Medical School.

I know that most of the time you are asked to donate to research and you never really know "what kind" of research. I spelled it out and this is what needs to be done right now.

I hope you watched the video and please realize that there are many other sadder and tougher cases than could be interviewed. This research is too late for some. Also know that there is no government funding for this research. Please give any amount. Here's looking at you, my friend.

Judi Keller